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Acro Fun(damentals)

Beginner workshop with Matt & Renée

Exciting collaboration with the incredible Matt Berno, @me_berno while he is in town between teaching at Acro festivals across Europe.

Beginner / Improver Acroyoga workshop 

1-3pm Sunday 4th July

£35 per person


Join us as we explore stacking humans and making fun with/on/under friends!

Acro can be so diverse and complicated, but when you break it down it really all stems from a few core concepts and positions.

Everyone is welcome (with or without previous experience/ partner) and there will be variations/adaptions for all levels with a focus on foundations.

Guest Teacher : Matt Berno,
Canadian, lover of fun, acro dabbler. Teaching partner acrobatics since 2017 enjoys sharing knowledge in all the various disciplines. 

Workshops: Welcome

Prop Yourself Up!


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Sunday  24th July

Yoga props offer a supportive way for your body to move and to practice honestly and openly. Yet, the yoga community is split, props, like marmite, some love 'em' and... Well, some either aren't sure what to do with them or perceive them as "cheating" in some way.

Our practice differs day to day and while we may not need props every time we step onto the mat, they are a part of an intelligent evolving practice. There are benefits for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Props can be used to:
⚡Help you understand your body’s unique range of motion, guiding you towards the ideal alignment for your body
⚡Explore a deeper understanding of new and familiar postures with support and feedback
⚡Empower you to find the most efficient use of the body by building the neural pathways
⚡Increase or decrease the intensity of a pose
⚡Enable you to modify your practice in response to injury, pain or discomfort
⚡Offer resistance to understand muscle recruitment, build strength or active mobility
⚡Support your body to minimise muscular effort, allowing you to hold restorative or yin poses for a longer period of time.

Join me for a series of yang to yin workshops exploring the benefits of props in both your dynamic and restorative practice.

All levels welcome!
Studio Price: £25

Workshops: Welcome
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