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Lift off: Creative Arm Balance Transitions & Variations

Found your float but not sure where to go or how to improve?

A workshop for improvers and playful exploration through inversion and arm balance. 

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in a 60min all-levels vinyasa class to truly play with arm balances and inversions?

Or like creative ways in and out of them are left behind, cued as a single one-sentence option with no direction?

Join me to explore less familiar transitions in and out of arm balance. Focused on entries, exists and stability in arm balances, this workshop is designed so you can take lots of new tools into your existing flow and balancing practices and refine their quality of movement no matter where we are entering from or going to.

Join me 2-4pm Saturday 30th March

at MoreYoga Elephant & Castle.

We will be preparing the body and proprioception with conditioning drills.

We will learn how to support one another in the practice because inversions are more fun with friends: yoga is all about deepening the relationship to self and how we connect to the world around us after all.

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4 week course

The course is for you even if you are a complete handstand beginner, if you want to build strong and healthy foundations to balance on your hands, and especially if you feel scared about the concept of being upside down.

Handstands are more fun with friends. They require a bit of dedication and discipline. The 4-week course aims to create an upside-down community to support one another, physically as well as to motivate and keep each other accountable if that feels needed. 

We will meet at Soma Yoga four Sundays in a row from 10:30 am - 12 pm, starting January 28th.

Book the full course for £80 or single drop in sessions for £25!

WEEK 1: Conditioning and partner prep/ drills To build trust and confidence together. If you have ever tried to handstand likely you found a moment of float before the panic of not knowing what to do or how to stay.  Learning the theory and understanding of what makes a handstand, and building the strength and muscle memory before getting upside down means that when we eventually get there, we’ll have less to think about. 

WEEK 2: Entry / exit, Kicking up to the handstand and cartwheeling out. We will break it right down and rebuild it together. Introducing spotting and wall drills. 

WEEK 3: Alignment We will revisit some of our drills from the first weeks, and add some new ones to help us deepen our understanding of handstand alignment and apply them upside down. 

WEEK 4: Balance and spotting Learning to balance means feeling where the weight is and how to catch it when it falls out of alignment. The biggest teacher is time, our focus will be on spending a bit more time on our hands and how to make adjustments upside down.

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