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Private  Classes

Via zoom or in person

Private classes are the perfect opportunity to tailor your practice to address your strengths and needs individually and lead you in the right direction to reach your goals whatever they may be.

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Corporate Classes

Relax & Recharge

Tend to the wellbeing of your workforce with a class intended to counter the physical affects of deskwork on the body and mind, while offering the opportunity to relax and recharge.  Suitable for all levels this this class can be adapted to suit your team and their practice, be it a gentle restorative flow or strong dynamic practice.   
Choose from classes in the office or if working from home help your team disconnect at the end of the day with a Zoom class.

Private 1:1 class

Refine & Renew

1:1 classes are ideal for beginners and returning practitioners (after a break or injury) looking for a strong foundation to build on safely. The practice will be tailored to ensure it is accessible but still empowers you to grow. We will focus on alignment, breath and awareness to help you build strength and refine your form.

Choose to practice from the comfort of your home via zoom or to meet at a local studio. 

For more information about private classes and availability, reach out.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Studio Classes

The below classes are via bookable Studios and ClasspassUK.


Iyengar Class

Monday  | 10am Hatha |  Brixton
Tuesday  | 6 pm Vinyasa |  Clapham Junction
Tuesday  |  7.20pm Flow to Restore  |  Clapham Junction

Embody Wellness Vauxhall

Women Stretching

Gentle Yoga Flow  |  Friday 1.15pm
Morning Flow  |  Sunday 9.30am

Public classes: Classes
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