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About me

My intention as a yoga instructor is to make the practice of yoga accessible, enjoyable, and an integral part of more lives. To create a safe space to foster a playful exploration of movement, reconnecting with the body, breath and spirit through a practice of awareness.

The road of yoga is endless - it all starts with a pose and a thought, and expands into a never-ending path of self discovery and growth. This was my discovery.

For most of my life I accepted where life took me even though the path I was on, didn't really resonate with me. I was sleep walking through life. Wondering why I felt so disconnected and lonely.

I first came to the mat as an excuse to get away from my desk and out of the office. An escape from the corporate culture of desk lunch and late nights. It didn't take long for my practice to blossom and shift from an excuse to an exploration of my own body and sense of self.

I was finally waking up! The practice started to open my eyes to the world of possibility, to hope and the choice to change.

I felt inspired by how this practice began to move off the mat, subtlety shifting my perception of all aspects of life. Witnessing first hand the positive impact yoga has on my mental and physical well-being as well as my connection with those around me. 

I could not ignore the call to share this gift. To share this wonderful lifestyle that empowers, connects and frees the spirit.

3 years on and I have completed training in Hatha and Yin, studying in Bali and London. Yet, there is still so much more to explore in the vast world of yoga and its many benefits. 

My passion is fostering a deeper connection with the Self. Empowering you to attune with your body and breath to soften and observe the mind. Enabling you to cultivate your own expression of the practice to best serve your body, mind and spirit both on and off the mat.  

About Me: About Me


Styles of Yoga & Qualifications


Yoga Alliance Certified

200hr Hatha at Akasha Yoga Academy, 2018

50hr Yin at Chi Therapeutics, 2019

50hr Immersion in Yin & Yang yoga at Moreyoga School of Svadhyaya, 2020

About Me: Clients
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